Tuesday, February 14, 2012

typography tuesday: valentines

Historical Valentines, by Ben Kling
  valentines courtesy of Ben Kling

These Valentines by Ben Kling have been making the rounds on Facebook, so you've probably seen them already, but I thought they were awesome, so here's a re-share. :)

Visit Ben Kling's blog for the large sizes.

Dictator Valentines, by Ben Kling
  valentines courtesy of Ben Kling

I'm typically not much for the Holiday of Love, but this year I went on a totally uncharacteristic pink-and-hearts spree. Sorry I've been absent most of the month, but I've been blogging like crazy over on Feeling Stitchy to celebrate embroidery month. I've pretty much spent every waking moment (and some asleep ones, too) on the blog and have lots of interviews and giveaways and love for our awesome and geeky community planned.

Speaking of typography, this weekend I did a giveaway post for Hoopla, and included a pic of the hand-embroidered chapter headings in the book, which I loved:

I also did an English-Spanish interview with Alicia, from the DMC España blog, and would you believe that in all the questions I asked her, I forgot to ask who designed their blog header, which I love:

DMC España header

Hope the Day of Love treats you right. If it doesn't- watch an awful romantic comedy (but wait - aren't they all?), have a glass of your favorite whatever, and eat a bunch of candy. That's what I've got planned for tonight! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo a Day - January

day 1: me day 2: breakfast day 3: something i adore day 4: (not quite a) letterbox day 5: something I wore day 6: makes me smile day 7: favourite day 8: your sky day 9: daily routine day 10: childhood day 11: where you sleep day 12: close up day 13: in your bag day 14: something you're reading day 15: happiness day 16: morning day 17: water day 18: something you bought day 19: sweet day 21: reflection day 22: your shoes day 23: something old day 24: guilty pleasure day 25: something you made day 26: color day 27: lunch day 28: light day 29: inside your fridge day 30: nature day 31: you. again.

Phew! I learned a lot from this photo a day challenge. For one - I lack consistency and a sense of common theme. I mostly used vintage-y effects to bring them all together, but I was inconsistent and I'm not impressed.

However, the most valuable thing to come out of this was that I had my camera with me, every single day - something I haven't done in years. I got into the habit of daily photos again, and took a few pics I liked (just not the ones you see here). :)

Oh, and you know I'll be hiding those pics of me in about a day or so. There are few things I loathe more than photos of myself. I know it's weird. Such is my lot in life.

Do you like any of the pics I took? I know they're pretty eh. Thanks for bearing with me, though! :) I didn't do bad with my January resolutions, either. It was a crazy busy month - going out of town, photographing, and blogging in every spare moment I could get, but it was also a really wonderful month.

Maybe in March I'll do another Photo a day. February is gonna be a killer, though - so so so busy! But in a good way. :) Did any of you do a Photo a day? How did it go?