Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stitching Saturday: One year later


I finally finished the narhwal embroidery - actually I finished it eons ago - last year, but never had the energy to snap a picture and update it.


It's really lovely - not sure what to do with it - perhaps I'll just clothespin it in my computer room as inspiration.

Here's another tardy update on a piece - these Siamese twins. I'm not altogether happy with the way I stitched them, and I guess that's why I've let this drag on so long:

Maybe I'll make them into a pillow? A really wrinkly, creepy pillow? :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Best friends

us2  us1  us5

It's a funny thing, being best friends with someone, and a blessing I wish on everyone. I'm a pretty solitary person, comfortable with lots of alone time and introspective habits, and my circle of close friends is quite small. Through it all, though, my best friend has been a near-constant part of my life since we had our first long talk at an Academic Decathlon meet in high school, 1 billion years ago. :)

I still remember that talk, the way I felt - like I was completely at home. That finally, sitting next to me was someone who completely understood me. I've been in love before, but this type of love is very different - the love I have for my best friend. We know all of each other's faults (she knows mine completely), each other's limitations, and we've had ups and downs, but nothing changes the fact that we love each other completely - for who we are, limitations included.

Every time we talk we tap into this common source that's been fueling our talks forever - no matter how much time has elapsed it is always the same. We could talk all night, and in spite of whatever is happening in our lives, we can always laugh, feel joy, and be comfortable with each other.

I'm so happy you're my best friend, and I feel blessed beyond all measure that you came into my life!

Do you have best friends? Give them a big hug for me. :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Untitled   Untitled   Untitled
a few pics I salvaged from my Facebook photos...

So, after a great deal of thought and deliberation on the topic, I permanently deleted my Facebook account yesterday. I'd never really enjoyed Facebook all that much - but I felt compelled to check it every few minutes when I was on my computer.

I noticed that on the days I didn't have access to Facebook, I felt much more relaxed - I would read books, talk with friends, and do more creative activities. But if I had the option of using Facebook, I'd get sucked into constantly reading people's updates.

I'd never added Facebook to my phone, because I see so many people nowadays who ignore whoever they're with, so that they can take in this constant stream of other people's thoughts and pictures and internet memes. It's odd - I feel like we're losing the art of interacting fully with other people.

In my experience, being friends with someone on Facebook typically amounts to a bit of an illusion - because I knew that I could contact any of these people at any time, about anything - I usually didn't. I was continually sifting through the Facebook newsfeeds, picking out the details that interested me most, and ignoring everything else. I really think Facebook (at least for me) doesn't teach you how to actively listen to people - it teaches you how to not listen to people  - how to ignore people.

I found I was losing the ability to hold onto a thought for more than a second at a time. So I went through all my photos, read through a few favorite comments, uploaded them to Flickr for safekeeping, and deleted them all. I saved a few of my favorite conversations to a word file (yes, very old school) and had some fun re-reading those, too. When I actually clicked the link to delete my account permanently, I felt a wave of relief - weird, right?

I already feel differently about contacting people - and the emails I've exchanged with old friends have been awesome. So, I'm Facebook-free and feeling amazing!

What do you guys think about Facebook?