Thursday, November 30, 2006

more ornaments progress...

embroidery in the car

So, the Thanksgiving weekend was a prolific Christmas ornament time for me. It was fun hauling out the stash of vintage patterns, ironing the motifs on different fabrics, and choosing threads. Part of this was stitched in the car, something I almost immediately regretted. There was something about squinting at the small stitches and the extra-smooth ride that combined to make me carsick....

Here's a couple of others, a little baby in a green snowsuit and a kiddo in a plaid fur-lined coat:

baby in the grass little kiddo

Finished work to come very soon! In the meantime, I'm preparing for my swap with Ellia, of greenbeanbaby. Her work is so inspiring, I can't wait to get my little swap in the mail!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Christmas ornament #1

Holiday Greetings

Allow me to introduce my first Christmas ornament of the season... A month or two ago I got a cool stash of vintage patterns on Ebay, and this cute little girl pattern was among them as a loose sheet with no envelope. There are many other cute little motifs I plan to make into ornaments. Stay tuned for a freebie I'll scan in soon! :)

all done!

I had a huge stash of off-white cross stitch fabric that I used for the ornament. For some reason, my transfer pencil didn't work so well on this fabric - so the lines I followed were pretty faint. I used beige felt for the back of the ornament, and the striped ribbon is from the stash of birthday goodies my sister sent me. :)

So what do you think? I love her! Hee. The more I look at this little girl, the more I think she looks like the pic I have in my profile... my button nose was cuter as a kid! :)

adventures in pom poms

ooh, a pom pom maker... + enter the Jiffy yarn =

my first pom pom!

My sister, the sweetheart, cheered me up on my milestone birthday with a bunch of cool crafting supplies. So, as soon as I opened the package, I dove into making pom poms. As expected, my first pom pom was a crashing failure, but not accepting defeat, I read the directions (which I discovered to be key) and crafted the one you see above. I'm also attempting a scarf with this yarn, that I'm not so fond of:

beginnings of a new scarf

I love the fluffy softness of the yarn - but I'm having a hard time working with these larger knitting needles. I keep getting big gaps in between stitches that make it look so... wonky. :(

Monday, November 13, 2006

fuzzy blue scarf

finishing the fuzzy blue scarf

I finished my two, thin Fun Fur scarves yesterday and I love them both. I guess I'm fonder of the white one, because the combination of pale pink and white is very subtle. The blue one looks funky and crazy, a look I'm pretty fond of as well...

two fuzzy scarves

I already showed the yarn I used on the white/pink scarf - the fuzzy blue scarf was a combination of blue Lion Brand "Fun Fur" and white Red Heart "Casual Cot'n":


I love the texture of the white yarn, and how fluffy and soft it feels. It's a tiny bit off white, with a few natural colored flecks spread out through the yarn. Well, that's two scarves I can cross off the Christmas List. The fuzzy magenta scarf is almost finished, too!

To what do I owe all this knitting? Actually, I'd been working pretty steadily on both throughout the week - the pink scarf was my TV scarf and the blue was my lunchtime knitting. But I have to say watching all six episodes of Star Wars on a nerd-ass loop this weekend really contributed to my solid finish... :)

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

fluffy pink and white scarf

new knitting

Next on my long Christmas list are a series of fuzzy scarves. I really like this one I started recently - I combined two yarns my sister gave me last Christmas - a very lightweight, pink baby yarn and a fuzzy white eyelash yarn.

Doesn't "eyelash yarn" sound cool? But that describes it perfectly - the strands are as fine and thin as eyelashes. I've actually finished this one (I'll post a picture soon)- as it was only 10 knit stitches across. It's a great quick project and so fluffy... :)