Sunday, December 17, 2006

beautiful gift from Isa

a beautiful envelope arrived...

I was so amazed to find this surprise in the mail - a gorgeous gift from Isa, a Flickr friend. I am always inspired by her gorgeous pictures of nature and her amazing quilts. I was so completely honored to receive this small hand-made quilt from her:

so beautiful, dear friend!

She also sent the most delicious dark chocolate I've ever had. I can't wait to finish the little gift I started crafting for her!


Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Swap goodies from Ellia

truly lovely
I was so amazed as I opened up the Holiday swap goodies from Ellia, holding each handmade object close to my eyes to appreciate all the incredible detail. Really, the pictures hardly do it justice - like a great work of art, you need to see it for yourself to fully appreciate it.

gorgeous fuzzy paper tiny details

It makes me so happy when things are wrapped lovingly - it reminds me of the way I wrap each Christmas, setting aside a little happy, quiet time to try to make each package perfect. And being completely rewarded when just one person notices the effort you took and lights up... :)

beautiful paper so cute!

There were so many goodies - gift tags, a book of ornament ideas, angels, and a big fabric template to make a cute little stuffed moose (Can't wait to start on that one!) Thank you Ellia, for putting together such a beautiful package, and for being such a wonderful artist. You can find her work for sale on Etsy:

Friday, December 8, 2006

lost in a forest

inspired by greenbeanbaby

So here is the girl I stitched up for Ellia. I used the tutorial on her blog as inspiration - cutting the head, body and hair according to the directions, and making up the little red dress from my imagination. I did a lot of brainstorming at first, mostly while sipping a little wine and listening to jazz during dinner the first night. :) After a few sketches, what I wanted to do came to me pretty clearly:

swap sketch

All the pieces were cut from felt, and the skinniest were the hardest. Just the slightest tug on those tiny pieces and they came apart! I used Crazy glue to hold the pieces down a bit, then stitched over a few corners here and there. My favorite elements are the red and white dress/ cape I made (thinking of dresses I used to wear as a kid) and the tall skinny trees that recede a little in the distance. I think this is definitely one of my favorite creations all year.

details, details...

Lastly, I was thinking the entire time of how much I love forests, the idea of being lost in a forest, and "A Forest", by the Cure...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

the Handmade Holiday swap

swap that went out today....

I had such fun putting together the swap I sent to Ellia of greenbeanbaby... um, such fun that it ended up going out a couple of days late! I hope she's as excited about the little things I cooked up for her - I was so inspired by her cut paper work that I had to make something unique and individual for her. Here's a tiny peek:

a tiny glimpse...

I'll reveal the details as soon as she gets it - hopefully soon! :)

Christmas ornament #3

third ornament

Here's ornament #3: the cute baby in a green snowsuit. I originally sewed this up in a very boring way that looked lumpy and dull, so I yanked it apart and started again. I used pinking shears to get the cute rick-racky edge on the blue felt, and used a chain stitch in a shiny rayon floss to stitch both sides together. I made the ornament for greenbeanbaby as part of a swap, so I added her name to the back:

the back....

And, as promised, here is a freebie from the vintage Holiday patterns I've been using. Eren asked if there was a little boy, so here he is, the cutest of the lot! :)

holiday freebie

Christmas ornament #2

finished ornament

So, this little ornament is all finished...I changed my mind about having it say "Happy Holiday" underneath so I added a white felt border. Something about the scalloped edge reminds me of the glass ornments we hung on the tree when I was a kid. :) I especially love the blue bow on the little puppy, and the reds and blues I chose. This is all from the same loose sheet of vintage transfers I got on Ebay...