Sunday, April 29, 2007

little Spanish girl finished


After plugging away pretty happily all morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon, the Spanish girl was finished. If you're wondering what I'm stitching on, it's a beautiful linen placemat my sister gave me last year. I'm planning to stitch at least one more kitschy Mexican pattern to make a "set."

I'm not sure why, but I always get this wonderful fix out of (get this) extreme closeups of embroidery or crafts. :)

closeup on finished Spanish girl

I'll admit it's bizarre - but I've always been this way - I love holding any detailed craftsmanship really close to my eyes and appreciating every tiny detail. I blame it on my bad eyes, and the fact that, as a kid, I really had to hold things very close to my eyes to see the details... :) I also love seeing things in progress...

this morning...

Curious about the colors I used? Most of them were my favorites, here they are:

DMC 321 - Christmas Red
DMC 445 - Lemon- light
DMC 733 - Olive Green- medium
DMC 738 - Tan- very light
DMC 819 - Baby Pink- light
DMC 892 - Carnation- medium
DMC 3024 - Brown Grey - very light
DMC 3371 - Black Brown
DMC B5200 - Snow White

Friday, April 27, 2007

little Spanish girl embroidery

what's cooking

I started on a little embroidery last night for a special someone, and I only hope I can finish in time - like most of my projects I began at the last minute, so finishing may involve some mad scrambling...

Last night's work gave me time to catch up on some ultra-bad episodes of Miami Vice (have you ever noticed how Michael Mann goes way crazy with the music so they always become one long, bad, music video?) :)

It looks like there'll be a lot of spring rain tonight so hopefully I'll get in some good stitching time, but hopefully, with less bad tv.

closeup of what's cooking...

This is from a vintage Vogart transfer I posted over here. Instead of doing a lot of careful consideration on the colors I'm kinda winging it. As for the sad girl portrait, she is almost finished. As soon as I add some finishing strokes you'll see her here...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

coming alive...

One of the things that makes long New York winters almost worthwhile is, every Spring, watching things come alive. Everywhere carefully cultivated bulbs burst open underground, always tiny buds on trees and yellow daffodils first. And when it rains, the yellow flowers wear dirty faces:

the rain gave them dirty faces

I'm always inspired by living things - any creature, any bug, any flower, any bird...
On Sunday I shared the park with, um, pretty much everyone in New York. I put my new pastels in a bag and sat on a towel under white cherry blossoms, drawing.

pastel sketch

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Featured on the Ephemera blog!

dancing cat in a sombrero

So, my vintage transfer collection has been featured on Marty Weil's Ephemera blog! It was really flattering to get the invite, and show off a few of my favorite transfers...

If you've found your way here from Marty's post and want to see my collection for yourself, take a look. Or, find out what I mean when I say scary cute... :)

Monday, April 2, 2007

sad girl with roses...

so far

So, here she is after yet another weekend of stitching - I added a banner underneath the heart, and four large roses and thorny branches. Do you ever not trust yourself when it comes to drawing, then just try it, and you're surprised at how nice the results are? That's how I feel about these roses:

my rose

I used my favorite shade of red variegated floss for the roses, also using a little bright red on some of the petals. I varied the stitches and strands of floss to give a little texture. I definitely have a favorite angle for this piece:

a bit more...

I feel there is still some more to add, so look for a bit more next weekend.... I mostly want to find a way to pull together the big, kind of overpowering red roses and branches with the rest of the piece. Wish me luck on that! :)

Also, I was delighted to discover my little owl won a Softie Award! I'm beyond flattered - this was definitely a project I enjoyed at every single stage, and I'm so glad it was appreciated!!!