Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three things: Beads


From the following Flickrites:
1. Rosiecheeks, 2. irregular expressions, 3. Ula~

I like putting photos together in a small mosaic, and finding connections I didn't necessarily see at first... When I began, I thought the relationship between these 3 photos was bright green... then red... then red and green... then finally, when I looked harder I realized the relationship was beads. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How I spent my birthday


An early breakfast of my favorite waffle with raspberry sauce at a diner, and narrowly missing cold and beautiful downpours that left every surface laden with wet, sparkling yellow leaves...

Then, listening to phone messages from loved ones and smiling, opening packages - one from my sister: full of craft supplies. Which led to an hour of delight arranging buttons in size, shape, and color:
button arranging

And, finding unexpected mysteries like a six-holed button:

Thanks to everyone who left a comment or linked back to my holiday ideas - wow, I'm still amazed at all your comments! :) Stay tuned for the event I made those for (I'll reveal soon!) :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holiday ideas

a few holiday ideas...

I've been doodling ideas for awhile now for a little project I have coming up... this afternoon we finally got some sunshine so I sat down at a sunny table and crafted them up. These are all very small hoops - I used some dark blue corduroy from some pants I'm not digging anymore...

I have piles of old mother-of-pearl buttons which I finally used for this menorah:

I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible, using very basic stitches and only one color of thread:
small ideas

I'm kind of liking them... what do you think? :)
tiny snowflake

Thursday, November 6, 2008



I love the sunsets in the fall, and the way the evening light creeps in much earlier... I embroidered at another Madewell Denim After Dark event in Soho - so much fun. I'm always a tiny bit nervous being around new people, but it fades quickly when I see how excited and happy people are with their embroidery. There's also something so wonderful about having people be able to touch, comment on, and ask questions about what you're doing. I love the blogging experience, but having someone there in person, interacting with your craft is so exciting.

I also got to meet an amazing quilt artist, Julie Floersch, and buy one of her custom embellished bags:
beautiful bag I got at Madewell for $10

Seeing her work in person is incredible - it's so detailed and perfect. I can't even imagine how much her fingers must kill her after hand-stitching those tiny pieces of denim together. I'm not sure how long her pieces will remain in the store, but if you're near Soho you should definitely check them out.

I'll be embroidering at another event next Wednesday, and getting ready for a special event in early December, which I'll be sure to fill you in on as I know more about it. Things are so exciting now... I've decided I love fall the best in New York - the quiet, the cool, the light rain, the leaves. Hope all is well with you, too!