Saturday, July 31, 2010



So, I've been home for a little over a week, and I'm beginning to understand what people mean when they say you can't go home. It's odd - but I suppose home is more a state of mind. I've unpacked my boxes so gingerly -  less than a week ago I went through all my belongings, selecting just a few things.

I took photos of all the things I couldn't take, and now they're my little souvenirs:

Some of the toughest things to part with were my coats. So I photographed them all, as a sort of farewell:


This was my first nice wool coat, so well-worn that the pockets were threadbare and mended multiple times with whatever thread was on hand. I always felt pretty in this coat. Coats, in NY, are like your second skin, and part of me was sad when winter ended, because I had to shed this lovely layer.


This brown wool coat never suited me so well, but I loved it. It was the last one in the local H&M, and a blonde was staring me down for it. Maybe the added level of drama in its purchase gave it an additional charm...


This plaid wool coat was a totally unnecessary purchase - in fact I think I bought it because I fell in love with the lining. It never looked so nice on me, but it was cozy and made me feel anonymous and comfortable in a very unruly epoch of my life (last year).

It is so odd settling into a new space, and realizing all your worldly possessions fit easily inside 7-8 small boxes and 3 suitcases. It feels very freeing, but you feel also set adrift, or like you just survived a fire.

But, all of these considerations fade into the background when I see a sky like this:

Or, little houses like this:
cute little house

Or, pan dulce like this:
pan dulce

I'm set adrift, but in a very, very lovely sea.

Checking in will be patchy until I get settled. I feel overwhelmed, excited, happy. Hope all is well with you guys!!! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


I believe there was an assignment request for cats?

Ok, she's not an NYC cat, she's a Long Island cat, but she's outrageously fat (for her tiny frame) and adorable:

She was taunted a great deal.

I used a Photoshop action called Blue-Pink-Yellow for these. I like the ghostly weirdness of them. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Long Island

I spent the weekend with a great friend and her family on Long Island. I loved being surrounded by trees, animals, birds, bees, and wildlife. There's a part of me that doesn't feel alive unless I can see green.

These were some lotus flowers on their koi pond:


I loved the sharp shadows and the intense sun. There's something about sun on an island - it just doesn't shine the same way, anywhere else...

I was far too amused at how well the color of this flower matched my shoes:

Clumsy bees flew drunkenly from flower to flower, already laden with pollen, yet still wanting more:

Wild raspberries grew in the garden:
wild raspberries

Horses stood silently, on the other side of the fence:

And, the sunsets.
sunset in Long Island

I was grateful for every second of summer laziness:

Hope your holiday weekend was every bit as gorgeous.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last summer days in New York

So, I've been keeping it mum for awhile, but I might as well out with it now - I have 3 weeks left in NYC. I'm moving back home to Texas! Now, maybe you understand why I was asking you for "assignments"? I made a list of things I must do in my last days here...

My last days here - yikes that sounds so bleak - sort of like I'll be dead soon. I must choose better words. :) It's such an in-between time, feeling neither here nor there, completely. I feel all kinds of ups and downs - happy to be here, overjoyed to be going home, sad to leave, a bit frightened of the big change.

But you know, I felt the same way when I moved here 6 years ago - aside from the person I was dating, I didn't know a soul here. It was the scariest step I'd ever taken in my life. And now, here I am - in just the course of this past year I've formed friendships with people - amazing people who inspire me in every possible way. I've done things I would have never imagined. I'm filled with joy.

It's all mixed with a bit of sadness, of course. Last night I found out that a kind old gentleman from church had passed away - he was the first person who greeted me when I walked in shyly 6 years ago. He would always find me when I tried to sneak in and out quietly, sitting in the back rows, and say "hello" in his booming, radio voice. This past year, he was a fixture in Wednesday evening services and Bible study. I noted with some sadness, though, that his booming voice had disappeared - he'd had a tracheotomy. But that didn't get in the way of him flirting with me and mouthing the words "Will you marry me?" whenever I said hi.

He was a warm, friendly person who still knew how to have a good laugh. I'd known he was ill and in the hospital, but I couldn't bring myself to visit him. I really wrestled with it, but it was so hard watching my father die last year that I just didn't trust my strength. I was afraid I'd cry all over him and make him feel worse. I just hope that the spirit of love he gave to everyone surrounded him in his last hours.

Whew, I'm so sorry that was so heavy. I think you need this pic to cheer you up. The best part about this teeny-tiny dog in a pink-lined wicker bag on the subway?

The boyfriend is carrying it. :) Ahem, not my boyfriend, of course, someone else's. :)

So, just a few more weeks! Any last assignments for me? :)