Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Knitting Weather

doing the knitting

For those of you who've been following my stream / dull blog forever, you'll know I learned to knit years ago, when I first moved to New York. I knit a couple of things, just a scarf here and there, but a mild bout of carpal tunnel one winter scared me off of it completely.

But, since I moved back to Texas, and the weather has cooled down (translation: for those of you who don't live in South Texas - temperatures have dropped from over 100 to mid-80's) and I picked up knitting again in a fit of funk and boredom:

Progress on the patchwork blanket

My goal is a patchwork blanket like the one on the cover of Readymade:

Ahem, getting there, has been a rather funny experience, of course. I chose a whole slew of different yarns at the Hobby Lobby, but my favorite was I Love This Yarn, which is so fluffy and cuddly. By the way, to view that link, I think you have to be logged in to, which, yeah, I joined. It's such a cool page, that gives you links to all the projects peeps have used the yarn for. It's right up my methodical, excessively categorized alley. :)

little scarf so far

In between working on patches for the blanket, I knit up a small skinny scarf for my cousin. I used I Love This Yarn in that bright pinkish color and Vanna's Choice (ha ha - can't look at that label without giggling) in purple. It's probably got mistakes and I didn't block it because I, 1) didn't want to and 2) liked the look of it as is.

There's something so restful about knitting that is difficult to describe. It would seem like it's the most boring task on earth, to make your hands repeat the same stitches, over and over again. But you enter into a quiet rhythm, and when you're used to it, can knit almost without looking.

I love knitting and watching TV, something I can't really do while embroidering. When I have stuff on my mind, thoughts I can't work through, things I'm worried about or mad about or meh about, knitting gives my hands and brain a purpose and just calms me.

What about you guys? Any knitters reading here? :)

And now, for the most depressing song on earth. No, I'm just kidding, it's really not - but I hesitate to tell people it's one of my favorite songs recently because it um, sounds so dark. :) It's by an artist a friend in New York turned me on to - I don't listen to a ton of country but she's the kind of country I really really enjoy...

Hope you enjoy it and that you don't think it's the most depressing song on earth, or that I'm weird for loving it! ;) And that you don't think I want to die. ;)

How are all of you? I feel like I've been here so infrequently lately, sorry about that! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Wedding Photobooth

So, I did the wedding photobooth last weekend, and I had a blast. (More or less, how I did it.) I was a bit worried that people might not get silly with the props, and goofy and fun was what I was going for. But people really got into it, and had all the fun I hoped they'd have. Weddings are SO serious, and it provided a much needed break from all the "let's dress up and look perfect" pressure. :)

This was one of the first pics of the night, and right about when I knew it was going to be awesome. :)

I made that little chalkboard up there, by the way - I used a pretty cakeboard, then cut out a rectangle and taped a chalkboard behind it...

There were so many great pics, it's hard to pick just one fave...

Look at these handsome guys!


Yeah, that's awesome:

I thought this cute couple looked gorgeous:

In between pics, my helpers and the flowergirl thoroughly entertained themselves:

Do you see this? Sweetness.

Flowergirl mugshot (totally her idea, by the way) :)
flower girl


I adored this cute couple, too:

The bride:
the bride

The groom:
the groom

And here were my gorgeous helpers:
my sweet helpers

All in all, it was hands-down, the best time I've ever had at a wedding. I didn't have a second to mope or cry (I'm a big bawler at weddings) and now I have all of these amazing pics to remember it by. I'd do it again in a second. Hope you enjoy these, too! :)