Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Purplish dreams

Purple things

1. tulips by anniebee  2. owls by tishous
3. weekend 9 by alli_lucy  4. Petal Beret by lindamade

I'm still not giving up on personal blogging, but it has been tough getting myself to stay still lately. Whenever I'm in this mood, I fall back on making mosaics of my favorite Flickr pics (above). I can't believe it's been almost 1 year since I moved back to Texas! This time last year I was getting rid of all my NY possessions and packing what little remained in tiny postal service boxes. I'd walk them 8 blocks to the Post Office by myself in the dank heat, listening to my headphones. Considering most of the items were books, I have to applaud my sheer determination. :)

Early this morning I had 4 nightmares that were each exactly 15 minutes long - sometimes my brain is funny like that. I only remember the last one - an old friend was looking down sadly at photographs of me in high school. How random is that? I always wonder where my brain gets this stuff...

How is the summer treating all of you? Good, I hope!