Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stitching Saturday: My new Hamtaro mousepad

my hamtaro

Here I am, to show you my new Hamtaro mousepad. It was another super-busy month at Feeling Stitchy - so I've been silent here, but blogging a ton, stitching, and fielding new ideas and requests for FS. It's pretty much a full-time job away from my job, but I love it.

Anyway, back to Hamtaro - I bought this stitch-your-own-mousepad kit months ago at Hobby Lobby - it had a silly pattern I couldn't resist that said: "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it." I was going through some tough decisions at the time and I thought a bit of cheesy hilarity would help.

But when I saw this cute Hamtaro pattern on Cross me not I knew I had to stitch it:

The mousepad kit comes with a vinyl surface to stitch on - the squares were teeny, so I stitched him over 2 squares, to make him bigger:

Here's the backside, which is oddly cute as well:

When you're done stitching, you just slide your embroidery into the plastic mousepad cover:


Once in the protector, Hamtaro is safe and sound, and only looks blurry in photos - he's super-cute in real-life though:

The stitching bulks up the mousepad surface a tiny bit, but it's still a pretty good functioning mousepad. I suppose I would like it a little less slick, but I can deal with it. I used slightly different colors than the ones in the pattern - DMC 402 for the mustardy-gold color and a slightly darker cream color (sorry, no number) because the vinyl is already off-white. Super fun!

I've also stitched up 3 motifs from the sweet birthday set Mollie designed for this month's stitchalong:
balloony detail
cake time
little piñata

And I finally completed my own modified version of the February stitchalong, using pipe cleaners, blue aida cloth, and some pink yarn for couching:

Side view totally looks like those creepy black caterpillars you weren't supposed to pick up as a child:
side view

So it's been a BUSY stitching month! Due in part to all this stitching, I watched all of my remaining  episodes of Buffy and Angel, and have sadly had to move on to other shows.

How you you been? :)