Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three things thursday: red, teal, chartreuse-y green


A couple of days ago I was tweaking the colors and fonts on Feeling Stitchy, and one of those fun, odd serendipitous color things happened.

I had been planning to feature this awesome Marilyn embroidery (stitched by mega4beth) for days:

Marilyn redwork

I spent much of the day tinkering and toiling with Feeling Stitchy's css, and finally settled on a rather odd teal and chartreuse-y green combo:

Then, I blogged mega4beth's embroidery, and all of a sudden the same two colors were staring right back at me, plus a delicious bright cherry red. If that's not color serendipity, I don't know what is. One of the many reasons I don't mind staring at my monitor until my eyes bleed. :)

It's been so so busy, but again, in a good way. I find myself having to schedule every minute, and each moment that passes I can think of 5 different things I could be / should be doing. The challenge is to settle on the most important, without leaving out the rest. But we have lot of new bloggers starting, and it's warming up to be a wonderful year. That, and I'm liking the new comment system - we finally switched to Disqus.

How are you guys? I'm still here, really! :)