Friday, May 9, 2014

Feline Friday: Ice Cream update


So, it's been 7 months since I started feeding the cats in my back yard. They have all come such a long way in terms of tameness (at least with me), and one by one they have all let me pet them. Ice Cream, above, was the only holdout. Up until a few weeks ago, she would still hiss if I appeared too quickly, and would never, ever let me pet her. But I was dogged and determined. Every time I fed her, I tried to pet her, and she'd bolt. I'd try to pet her, and she'd bolt. But every time, I tried, and she seemed to know I would never let up.

Finally, last week when I went out to feed the cats, she walked straight towards me and greeted me with a meow, something she'd never done before. When I reached down to pet her, she not only stayed put, she purred. Just like that! She also loves to be brushed, and although it took her forever for her to come around, she is among the most trusting of the cats with me now. She lets me scratch her tummy, and just purrs and purrs.

Her colors have also darkened - she went from being snow white, with little gray tips on her ears, to having chocolatey blotches on her back, and darker points, which confirms my suspicion that she is part Siamese. Also, her meow sounds Siamese, too, and she only uses it to say hi.

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