Thursday, August 23, 2018

Chemotherapy update #2

Here were my experiences after doing my second Chemotherapy treatment- this was the second of 4 doses of AC, every other week, after which I will do 12 weekly treatments of Taxol.

Day 1 - Chemo day
Everything went well again, I had no reactions, and I was out around 12 PM again. When I came in they did a blood test, and showed me how much my white blood cell numbers had improved after the Neulasta shot. Then they followed with the treatments. Only the last thing they gave me gives me any reaction (which I now know is Cytoxan) - a tingly headache, and weird feeling in my nose, like water going up my nose after a dive.

I was anxious to take my anti-nausea meds as soon as possible, so they told me I could take them by 1:30. I was so hungry! I kept having visions of huge meals, and every food sign we passed made my stomach growl. I knew it was probably the steroid and other meds, so I tried to eat lightly. So glad I did, because by 2 PM the super hunger changed to dull nausea, which hung around all day. I'm beginning to realize chemo days are going to be a bust for me - all I could do was lay around and feel miserable, unfortunately. The nasty feeling didn't subside until 10 PM, so I stayed awake awhile to enjoy feeling better, then went to bed. Took a Claritin to prepare for the Neulasta shot the next day.

Day 2
Felt great - just a bit dizzy. My stomach was turning flip-flops every time I was due to take the anti-nausea meds, so I took them on schedule. That afternoon I had the Neulasta shot - I immediately felt dizzy and out of it, but mostly ok. Ate pretty well that day, although slowly. Around 10 PM was when the aches and pains started.

Day 3
Looks like the day after Neulasta is going to be a bust, too. I was in so much pain, from the waist up, especially in my neck and shoulders and back. Feels like you've been punched all over - I kept expecting to see bruises, but it was just aching. Spent the entire day in pain, took a Claritin around 10 PM, and then the pain slowly dissipated.

Day 4
Still a bit achy and dizzy, but better. Had to take my anti nausea meds again, with my stomach doing somersaults. Was able to eat pretty well, spent most of the day resting, took a short walk in the evening.

Day 5
Woke up achy and dizzy, so I had to stay home. Felt better towards the evening, when I took a short walk and saw a movie.

Day 6
Back at work, but feeling pretty dizzy. Stomach a little fluttery, but got by without the anti nausea meds. Didn't take the Claritin to see if that's what's making me dizzy. Ate well.

Day 7
Back at work - not dizzy, and much more alert. I'm thinking it's definitely the Claritin which has made me so spacey. Ate well, but acid reflux is keeping me from enjoying coffee - feels like I'm swallowing a lit match. Boo.

Day 8
Had a tough time sleeping, after waking up at 2:30 AM with a sore throat and acid reflux. Didn't have much appetite, felt nauseated, was only able to do a half day at work.

Days 9-14
The main thing that bugged me was acid reflux - can't tolerate anything with tomatoes, or even a little bit of pepper. A real bummer because I love spicy food and pizza, both of which are too hard on me now. Hair loss is still happening, but patchy. I have a funny cap of shaved hair going strong on the top of my head - which is great because with that natural velcro top, I don't need a wig grip. :)

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