Friday, January 31, 2014

Feline Friday: more cat yarns

Pickles lounging

On my to-do list today is getting this guy, and Ice Cream in the humane traps tonight so I can get them fixed tomorrow morning. I've left the traps out for the past week and a half, not set, and all the cats are used to popping in and out of them for extra snacks. If, for some reason I can't catch Pickles and Ice Cream tonight, I'll do the other 2 females, Sofia and Dot.

Here's a glamor shot of Brother, who always looks nice:

When the temperatures dropped into the 20's this week, I had a temporary full garage. In addition to the 6 cats that normally sleep there, I found 3 new interlopers!

This guy, who looks shady:
This guy

He must be related to Brother - from a distance they look alike, but their eyes are like night and day in terms of expression.

And, most heartbreakingly, this guy:

He's an unfixed tom, and he sprayed the garage so thoroughly that it reeks now, ugh. He has a scabby head wound, and a limp. At this point, I just feel overwhelmed. I'm already struggling to get the rest of the stray cats fixed, and more cats keep appearing like tribbles.

If he wasn't so aggressive with the other cats I would have no hesitation about caring for him. But I've decided to take him to a vet on my next day off and just pay from my savings. The most heartbreaking thing about this cat is the expression on his face - like he is used to humans chasing him away and his tattered face just seems to be saying "please."

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