Friday, January 17, 2014

Feline Friday: Pickles' 10 minutes of fame


One morning I photographed the cats after feeding them - they of course move quickly, so it's rare to get a perfect shot. When I saw how lovely this one was, I was taken aback. The new camera lens captured every stray hair, the reflection on his eyes, even a little schmutz under the eye on the right. It's official, this camera is awesome.

This was also my first photo on Explore in about a billion years. And it's rare that my non-crafting photos make it to Explore. So, Pickles is momentarily famous. :)

I found a local grant that will fix feral cats for free - I hope! I can't touch or handle 3 of the cats at all - I was hoping to have tamed them in the past 3 months, but only sweet Freckles has gotten used to petting:


Their ears will be nipped, just like Brother cat's was. I'm on the fence about this, but I know it's a good thing - anyone they encounter in their wanderings will know they are fixed, and have had a rabies shot.


Here's a shot of Pumpkin caught unawares, eating. I am able to pet her once or twice, but she has an annoying habit of clawing my hand when she wants food or is startled. I'm starting to accept that even with a lot of patience and coaxing, the younger cats may never be tamed.


A better shot of Dot, who looks healthier, but she's cranky with the other cats. She's very nice to humans, though, so she could be an adoptable cat.

Ice Cream

Another shot of Ice Cream, looking at me like she always does - like she's not having any of it. :)

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