Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stitching Saturday: It's just my face


Pretty much the second after I saw this pattern by Plastic Little Covers, I had it purchased and ready to stitch up. I whipped out the text in about 2 hours of stitching while getting my car serviced (hilarious for onlookers, I know) and the borders took me another few hours.

If I was in a hurry, I'd stitch it as it is above - just a few bits of the border look just as delightful. :)


But the full borders do add a nice vintage touch. This piece is PERFECT for me - I am a lifelong sufferer of CBF. I used to call it my "street face", aka the face I wear so no one will mess with me, but if the truth be told, it isn't exactly something I can turn on and off, and it is on more often than it is off. :)

Well, I'm gearing up to work on a new crewel class review for FS - more on that as soon as I stitch something! Thanks to everyone who commented on my huge cross stitch piece - I'm working on her steadily while watching 1980's Battlestar Galactica. :)

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