Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Knit Stitch a Week: Diagonal lace stripe

Diagonal lace stripe

Teaching myself one new knit stitch a week, from the Complete Guide to Needlework book, c. 1979.

First, my mess up version - I cast on 23 stitches, this time on much smaller needles - size 6, using a pink yarn from my stash and Wool of the Andes in Oyster Heather.

This was a complicated one, and I messed it up. I think I didn't execute the yarnovers and PSSO's like I was supposed to - they look wonky, although they're consistently wonky. Depending on my desire for prefection, I might try this again... Re-worked below!

I studied the Knitting Bee pattern to figure out how I messed up. This pattern is complex, and I must say, rather annoying to master! :)

I wasn't working the p2 tog tbl correctly, and I was also moving my yarn to the wrong side before my sl 1, k1, psso - once I got that right, I got it.

Diagonal lace stripe

BUT, there is something about this sequence of steps I just couldn't keep track of - you can see a small hole at the top left where I messed up and I literally spent hours trying to get the second swatch right, to no avail. I practically threw my swatch at the wall. :)

Lesson learned, I'll continue to focus on simple patterns, that I can work consistently without doing violence to my yarn. ;)

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