Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stitching Saturday: Hungry, hungry hippo

Finished Hippo

Well, Hungry Hippo is what I'm calling her, because she ate up fiberfill stuffing like nobody's business. I thought a full 12 oz bag would work, but I had to make an emergency trip to the craft store to buy some more to fill out her curves. :)

Indeed, sew cute.

I'd say she's about toaster-sized, if a toaster sported an adorable head on it. :) I crafted her for the Sew Cute To Cuddle blog hop which is stopping off at Feeling Stitchy today - stop by for a chance to win a copy of the book!

I sewed her completely by hand, which ate up at least two full nights of sewing. The book is so well-laid out that even impatient, easily distracted novice sewers like myself can follow along.

I used a pretty fabric I'd been saving for a pillow back for some time now, and a couple of tiny turquoise scraps I dug out of my mom's fabric stash. I still had oodles of safety eyes from my knitted monkey and monster making days, and they worked out well.


The funny thing about sewing, for me, is how hard a time my brain has of visualizing what's happening, until I'm finished. Then, everything snaps into place and I have a forehead-smack moment. All in all, it was a fun sew, and a fun book.

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