Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Knit Stitch a Week: Oblique Seed stitch

Oblique Seed stitch

Teaching myself one new knit stitch a week from the Complete Guide to Needlework book, c. 1979.

This stitch was fairly easy to keep track of and execute, and the texture is nice and bobbly. It curled more on the brown wool than on the cotton blend yarn, for whatever reason.

I cast on 20 stitches, using size 6 needles:
left: cotton blend yarn (?) from my stash
right: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Brown Sugar

Row 1: *K4, P1*
Row 2: *P1, K1, P3*
Row 3: *K2, P1, K2*
Row 4: *P3, K1, P1*
Row 5: *P1, K4*
Row 6: *K1, P4*
Row 7: *K3, P1, K1*
Row 8: *P2, K1, P2*
Row 9: *K1, P1, K3*
Row 10: *P4, K1*

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