Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stitching Saturday: the Magical Kingdom of Instagram

So, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and joined Instagram. It was pretty much kicking and screaming, since I'm an awful perfectionist and the idea of my barely-cleaned up cameraphone images floating around in the ether has never appealed to me.

But Feeling Stitchy needed an Instagram account to host our newest blogger, so I sucked it up and created one. :)

And then I discovered the magic of Instagram - it's kind of what Flickr was, or was trying to be, back in the day.

Since it allows photos only from your phone, there's a feeling of immediacy and candidness that isn't always on Flickr. Also, most photos look great when they're small! No need to over-preen for them.

Knowing it's just gonna be square helps if you've got little to no sense of composition, like myself. Just make it fit, and you're done!

It really helped me just get stuff posted - knowing I could snap, make it fit, fix the brightness and click go, helped me post this project that has been sitting around unphotographed for ages, because I'm such a darned perfectionist about the photos:

A photo posted by Feeling Stitchy (@feelingstitchyish) on

I think for now I won't create my own account, but it will be a great quick way to get book and review images posted for Feeling Stitchy.

How many of you are on Instagram? Love it or hate it?

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